scientific program

First International Workshop on Electron and Photon Transport Theory
Applied to Radiation Dose Calculation, September 18-22, 1995
The Lawrence H. Lanzl Institute of Medical Physics, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


Alex Bielajew:  A new small-angle multiple-scattering theory
Dave Jette:  Using the Boltzmann-Fokker-Planck equation for fun and profit
Ed Larsen:  A new transport-based method for pencil beams
Jerry Pomraning:  Recent beam transport results of possible interest to the medical physics community
Ralph Nelson:  EGS4: A decade of enhancements
Jerry Battista:  An elocution on the evolution of the convolution revolution
Radhe Mohan:  Some provocative questions about accuracy of dose we ought to be asking ourselves
Alex Bielajew:  The state-of-the-art of Monte Carlo calculations for radiotherapy

Everyone:  Group photograph during afternoon coffee break!


Marvin Adams:  Deterministic transport methods in the limit of forward-peaked scattering
Grady Hughes:  Recent developments in MCNP for electron/photon transport
John Wong:  Photon cascade model to incorporate explicit electron transport in photon dose calculations
Norman McCormick:  Diffusion tomographic inverse methods for idealized geometries
Clint Ballinger:  The Response History Monte Carlo method
Ron Kensek:  ITS 4.0
Christoph Börgers:  The Fokker-Planck and Fermi approximations
Lech Papiez:  Quantification of the method of soft and hard collisions in angular sampling of charged particles
James Liu:  Synchrotron radiation calculations using EGS4
Tatsuo Tabata:  Semi-empirical models for depth-dose curves of electrons


Jim Rathkopf:  PEREGRINE: An all-particle Monte Carlo code for radiation therapy
Henk Huizenga:  The Phase Space Evolution model: An introduction
Ken Adams:  Multigroup Boltzmann-Fokker-Planck capability in MCNP
Anders Ahnesjö:  Postconvolution evolution of preconvolution photons in treatment heads
Len Lorence:  Deterministic and Monte Carlo electron-photon transport with CEPXS multigroup cross sections
George Sandison:  Update on the Indiana charged-particle dose-calculation algorithm

Everyone:  A short "business meeting" discussing where to go from here, right after lunch


Jack Janssen:  Phase Space Evolution model: Current status
John McLellan:  The connection between the macro Monte Carlo and evolution methods of electron transport
Hans Neuenschwander:  The Macro Monte Carlo (NMC) method: Development, implementation, and performance
Michelle Svatos:  Macro Response Monte Carlo update
Jose Fernandez-Varéa:  Mixed simulation of electron and positron transport
Yoshihito Namito:  A study on low-energy photon transport using the EGS4 code
Lech Papiez:  Radon transform in photon calculations
Lech Papiez:  A few remarks on optimization in radiation therapy planning
Brian Foote:  The need for improved multiple scattering
Alex Bielajew:  A hybrid multiple-scattering theory for accurate electron Monte Carlo transport


Yunping Zhu:  Theoretical developments on convolution dose calculations in inhomogeneous media
Eugene Wong:  Theory of diffusion for electron beams
Ron Kensek:  Adjoint electron-photon transport with the multigroup ITS code
Guang Fang:  Simulation of tomotherapy

Everyone:  Any remaining scientific points to clear up

(Friday afternoon: start of camping/hiking trip at Mount Rainier National Park)

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