scientific program

Second International Workshop on Electron and Photon Transport Theory
Applied to Radiation Dose Calculation, June 2-5, 1997
The Lawrence H. Lanzl Institute of Medical Physics, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


  9:00 Ed Larsen:  Welcome
  9:15 John Hubbell:  Early history of the Compton effect and on the incoherent scattering function
10:00 Martin Berger:  Plural and multiple scattering of low-energy electrons

10:30 Coffee and Group Photo

11:00 John Garth:  An outline of a review of electron and photon transport in the 1 keV - 10 MeV energy range
11:30 Jose Fernandez-Varéa:  Simulation of inelastic scattering

12:00 Lunch

  1:30 Ed Larsen:  Theoretical Foundation of the condensed history algorithm
  2:00 Iwan Kawrakow:  Multiple scattering theory

  3:00 Coffee

  3:30 Alex Bielajew:  History: Correspondence with Leonard Eyges
  3:40 Alex Bielajew:  PRESTA I to PRESTA II: The new physics
  5:00 Peter Dickoff:  Mapping dose distributions: Mapping rules
  5:30 Craig Beckett:  Mapping dose distributions: Continuous scattering mapping algorithms


  8:30 Lech Papiez:  Diffusion equations with hard collisions in multiple scattering (30 min.)

  9:15 Luo Zhengming:  The Bipartition Model of charged particle transport: History, status, and developments in the near future

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Bingjing Su:  A non-Gaussian treatment of the radiation pencil beam
11:15 David Jette:  Coordinate systems for expansions of the Fokker-Planck equation

12:00 Lunch

  1:30 Edward Larsen:  An asymptotic correction the to Fermi-Eyges theory
  2:15 John Garth:  Solution of the Fokker-Planck equation (for electrons) in infinite media using the Method of Moments and the Maximum Entropy Method
  2:45 Christoph Börgers:  On the convergence of Monte Carlo and PSE methods

  3:15 Coffee

  3:45 Francesc Salvat:  Electron transport: Numerical transport equation(s) vs. Monte Carlo simulation
  4:45 Anders Ahnesjö:  ???


  8:30 Yoshihito Namito:  Improvement of EGS4 code on the inner-shell ionization and relaxation
  9:15 Grady Hughes:  MCNPX – The LAHET/MCNP code merger

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Tatsuo Tabata:  Simple algorithms for the depth-dose curves of electrons: Present status
11:00 Paul Keall:  Super Monte Carlo: Electron and photon transport methods

12:00 Lunch

  1:30 Hans Neuenschwander:  Macro Monte Carlo
  2:15 Iwan Kawrakow:  Voxel Monte Carlo

  3:00 Coffee

  3:30 Business Meeting:  Where do we from here?

  6:30 Banquet:  at the Farmhouse


  9:00 Lech Papiez:  Optimization of treatment planning – Linear criteria and optimal control methods
  9:45 Bruce Faddegon:  Electron Monte Carlo radiotherapy treatment planning at Toronto-Sunnybrook

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Jack Janssen:  Determination of the initial phase space of a clinical accelerator
11:45 John Garth:  Understanding and modeling x-ray transmission and dose in thin multi-layered structures (with applications to radiation testing of electronics)

12:15 Lunch

  1:45 Ken Adams:  Short presentation on our Fokker-Planck code
  2:15 Giovanni Di Domenico:  ???

  3:00 Coffee

  3:30 George Sandison (chair):  Panel discussion: Brainstorming session on path-length correction

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