Cecile Disenhouse


I am a watercolor painter living in Seattle.  I expecially enjoy the watercolor medium because of its freshness and transparency.   It is perfect for capturing nature and very transportable. I have spent much of my life hiking in the wilderness and enjoy painting nature, especially on location.  I have also painted on my travels to other countries.  I expecially love plein air painting.   I carry a small palette, a few brushes, and some 7x11 sheets of watercolor paper.  Despite the extra weight, I also love to take my paints on backpacking trips. 

I have been juried into the Edmonds, Shoreline, Greenwood, Kenmore  and Kaewyn art shows.

Most of these paintings are 11x14 and some are 7x11.  Some have ink added to the watercolor.

Paintings:  To see my Landscapes.

                      To see my Animals.

                      To see my paintings of buildings, bridges, interiors, trains, etc.                                                                 

Wildflower Guide:  I created and painted a waterproof one-page "Hiker's Wildflower Guide for the Cascades, Olympics and Northern Rockies".  Trillium, aster, gentian, forget-me-not, columbine, elephanthead, false Solomon's seal, beargrass, cow parsnip, salal, heather, avalanche lily, Oregon grape, anemone, skunk cabbage, glacier lily, monkeyflower, Queen's cup lily, pearly everlasting, marsh marigold and many more.

Please see my article on Backpacking with Paints in the Daniel Smith catalog http://www.danielsmith.com/Articles/Backpacking-With-Paints.asp

 Check out this website for Washington Trails Association to see me in an article about painting nature - http://www.wta.org/magazine/WTNov-Dec2011_Feat-Painters.pdf.

I am teaching watercolor painting at the Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle.

You can contact me at Cecile@Jettes.org.